Amplified HR was founded in 2015 when the HR Director for a national franchise chain was desperate to give franchisees access to Human Resources in order to save them from the headaches and financial burden of legal claims.

Amber Rhoton founded Amplified HR in 2015 after running the Jimmy John's HR department for nearly seven years. 

The decision came after Amber watched more and more franchisees go through the misery of fighting legal claims that could have been avoided had they had an HR pro to run their decisions by. 

Amber first attempted to find HR vendors to put on the franchisee preferred vendor list. She quickly found that most vendors did not have the expertise or understanding of the industry to properly protect and serve the franchise community. The few vendors that did meet Amber's high standards came at a cost that she knew the franchisees could not sustain long-term.

It was then that she decided that no one knew HR for the Jimmy John's brand like she did and she knew she could support the franchisees in a way that would not only help them protect their investment, but could help insulate the brand as a whole.

In the process of vetting this idea, she spoke to franchisees to determine if there was a need for this type of support. The very first multi-unit franchisee she spoke to told her that the HR side of things was the hardest part of starting his business. 

Amber gave a 9-month notice to help find her replacement at Jimmy John's and that first franchisee she spoke to became the first client of Amplified HR. 

Since then, the company has grown to serve a multitude of small businesses, as well, and the entire team buys into high quality, sense of urgency support with a sense of humor and a smile.

Some industries Amplified HR serves is auto dealerships, software companies, manufactured homes distributers hair salons and more.

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