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How Does It Work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Amplified HR?
Amplified HR delivers a 24/7 HR team to assist and guide you on strategies, compliance, employment-related processes, questions and issues that come up on the daily PLUS a killer support staff to help you quickly handle HR admin so you can get back to focusing on operations and increasing profits!
How does this work?
It's super fast and super simple to join Amplified HR and work with your team.

First, you will submit an application that we will review to determine if your company is a good fit for Amplified HR. This typically includes an intro call to confirm you meet our qualifications for clients and to answer any questions you have.

If you are accepted, you will next complete a handbook assessment (so we can draft your custom handbook), sign a basic engagement letter and pay your first invoice. Your HR team will get right to work on setting up your company's "client portal" where you will be able to access and download all of your company documents from any device.

You'll set up a web-call to introduce your managers to their HR support and we'll start an email sequence so that you will learn about all of the services at your fingertip now that you've joined Amplified HR.
Will Amplified HR help me write-up and terminate employees?
Definitely! And, not only will we help you, your management team will work directly your HR team so that you don't have to be a middle man!

You'll be looped into all communications so that you will always know what guidance your HR team is providing. Your managers will soon become HR pros which could reduce both the possibility of legal claims and your SUI and FUI payroll taxes!
How much does this level of support cost?
Peace of mind comes at about the same cost as a monthly cell bill starting at $249/month per 25 employees. 

Can Amplified HR help me with unemployment and workers' compensation claims?
Yes! We actually have a very high success rate with unemployment claims because not only do your managers work with your HR team from the beginning in order to secure well-documented write-up forms, your HR team has been well-trained in the proper way to protest claims in order to win favorable decisions. 

We pride ourselves on work/comp management - your HR team will follow up with your adjuster to make sure nothing falls through the track and your employee is back to work asap.

Your Full-Service HR Department

all for a low, affordable monthly subscription

Unemployment Claims

Your HR team has an excellent record of winning favorable decisions, which keeps your payroll taxes down. Just send these to us and your team will set you up for success!

Workers' Compensation

Don't leave these to your insurance company! Too often, the adjusters' workload allows for claim handling to slip through the crack. Your HR team will work directly with your insurance company to help you manage these in order to keep your premiums as low as possible!

Employee Documentation

Your managers will work directly with your HR team to ensure you have strong documentation for all employee issues including day-to-day stuff, performance improvement plans and more.

Online Training Courses

Don't forget to have your staff take your online training courses to help keep you out of hot water with the government and your insurance companies! These courses are quick, engaging and can be taken directly from a mobile device!

Legal Changes

We aren't lawyers, but we utilize a plethora of resources, including attorneys, to keep you up-to-date on legislative changes as they happen throughout the year. Rest assured that we've got your back!

Employee Terminations

Your managers will work with your HR team from the very beginning of an issue to help you avoid discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination claims.

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"Human Resources isn't a thing we do, its the thing that runs our business"  - Steve Wynne

How Can Amplified HR Provide a Full-Service, High-Quality HR Department at These Rates?

Cutting-Edge Technology

Progressive software platforms to allow your HR team to most efficiently and effectively serve you with a sense of urgency.


Process-driven systems in order to automate when appropriate, but never at the cost of hands-on, genuine support.

Small Business-Focused

Your HR team learns your company policies and culture inside and out. This allows us to not only serve you better, it delivers a truly custom feel for you. We want you to think of us as part of your team!

Our Guarantee

We stand behind our support. If you have implemented our program fully in your organization and do not see incredible results after 45 days, we will waive the initial six month term.

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