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HR Director, Senior HR Advisor + Admin Support
HR Services
Starting at $247/month for up to 5 employees
From out-of-the-box onboarding, workflows, performance management, and compensation management to training, Amplified HR gives your team everything needed to operate efficiently - and get real human support. 
Submissions Typically Responded To Within 24 Hours

88% of organizations struggle with onboarding and training. One third of small businesses 
don’t have a human resources team, handbook, or protection from employee snaffus.

We created a one-stop HR solution at a fraction of the price tag of hiring another employee.

All the tools + Your Own HR Support Team

How We Support and Protect Your Business

Employee Documentation

From onboarding paperwork, employee performance reviews, and even termination documentation to help you protect your business from legal and unemployment claims. 

Training & Templates

We provide everything you need to train your team and maintain legal compliance. Our advisors guide you and your management team on big-picture strategies for your business. 

Legal Updates

We aren’t lawyers, but we utilize a plethora of resources, including attorneys, to keep you up-to-date on legislative changes as they happen throughout the year. Rest assured that we’ve got your back!
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Plans & Pricing

A comprehensive HR solution backed by real experts. Let us do the heavy HR lifting so you can do the things you signed up for when you started your business – development and profit-driving tasks that allow you to live the “good life”.



Our Handbook Membership is the perfect starting point to begin to build strong HR policies and accountability into your business. This membership will get you a legally compliant* employee handbook, our most popular policy and form templates, and discounts on our training program. This membership is your first step into a high functioning HR program in your business and for your team.
  • Affordable annual price
  • Policy customization for your business**
  • Legally compliant* employee handbook
  • Unlimited form downloads
  • Discounts on training and HR services
**limited to three policies. Full customization of all policies available with our signature program. 



On-demand and easily accessible training courses for you and your team has been proven to increase retention of top talent while providing everyone with resources to develop the culture, train on key topics in the workplace and ensure training consistency. We are constantly adding new courses including over 100 new courses loading in 2023.
  • Over 100 online training courses
  • On-demand training for HR, Customer Service, DEI and more!
  • Engaging & quick video - 15 minutes or less
  • Course reports and progress tracking
  • Save $20 per month when you bundle with Handbook Membership
To take advantage of bundled savings, enroll in Handbook Membership first and then you’ll unlock a unique link for training. 



In addition to everything you receive in the Handbook Membership, enjoy 24/7, unlimited HR support from true experts who partner with you to determine the best solutions to your employee issues. Your dedicated HR team is hands-on and will do most, if not all, of the heavy HR lifting for you!
  • Everything in the Handbook Membership
  • Real HR Support 24/7
  • Includes entire training program
  • Strategic HR support, including performance management and compliance guidance.
  • Piece of mind knowing you are not alone – we’ve got your back and can talk through ALL of your thoughts, concerns, and issues serving up solutions on a silver platter for you!
*prices start at $247 and is based on the total number of employees. 
Don't Worry, We've Got This 
Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use 
Hiring an HR person starts at $80,000/yr plus benefits. Do you know where to begin the hiring process and what skills are you looking for? Most small businesses don't need an entire department yet. That's where we come in.  Starting small makes everything easier when it comes to building strong cultures and creating great places to work. We'll save you time and money, while protecting your livelyhood. 

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Amplified HR

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What do our clients think of Amplified HR?

Best Investment

“You guys are life savers. The only reason I can walk away in the next few months is because I know Anthony and the managers will be in amazing hands with you guys. 😊 With all the random things we spend money on as a business owner, Amplified HR is seriously the BEST investment each month.”


Feels Like VIP Service

“Man, I don't even know how you can keep track of all this stuff (emails, different issues). I don't know how you do it, but this really feels like a private service. You know, I was really hesitant when I signed up. I was thinking... it's $400/month... I've been doing this on my own until now... but you guys are a Godsend!”


Saved Our... 

The great customer service, and great piece of mind and has probably saved our a$$es a few times. It's great to have someone to turn to when we are not 'HR people'

Franchise Owner

Cannot Imagine..

"I still get to be a client of yours when I open up my new endeavor in GA right? I love your company's service and cannot imagine navigating Washington State Labor issues with your company! Thanks!"

How Does It Work?
After onboarding, you will immediately gain access to an HR team to assist with big-picture strategies and legal compliance, an advisor to guide you and your management team with the day-to-day employment issues and high-level support administration to help create new forms, checklists and resources for your company. We have an entire team here to support you. 

Unemployment Claims

Your HR team has an excellent record of winning favorable decisions, which keeps your payroll taxes down. Just send these to us and your team will set you up for success!

Employee Documentation

Your managers will work directly with your HR team to ensure you have strong documentation for all employee issues including day-to-day stuff, performance improvement plans and more.

Legal Changes

We aren't lawyers, but we utilize a plethora of resources, including attorneys, to keep you up-to-date on legislative changes as they happen throughout the year. Rest assured that we've got your back!

Workers' Compensation

Your HR team will work directly with your insurance company to help you manage these in order to keep your premiums as low as possible!

Online Training Courses

Keep your team in compliance and up to date with our included training. These courses are quick, engaging and can be taken directly from a mobile device!

Employee Terminations

Your managers will work with your HR team from the very beginning of an issue to help you avoid discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination claims.
 Amplified HR will handle all of your human resource needs so you focus on building your business and the life you want. We're available 24/7 - so you don't have to be! 

How We Serve You

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