Can Amplified HR help me with terminations?

Of course! Read on...

Termination Decisions

Can you relate to this story?

Pete is your worst manager. When you hired him, he was pretty decent. Worked his way through the ranks. But, if you’re honest, the only reason you promoted him to manager is because he had been with you the longest and was the only real option you had to fill the spot. And, you had to fill the spot because the open to close shifts were killing you.

At first he did fine. He made mistakes, but seemed to be listening to your redirects and maybe he was getting better. Except he wasn’t. Looking back you realize you were spending way more time fixing his mistakes and dealing with his drama than you were running your business. And now, he doesn’t even bother coming in all the time – it’s like he thinks the rules don’t apply to him.

You have a pretty good bench now. You can let him go without too much of a labor struggle. You’re ready. More than ready – you can’t wait to get this done.

On your commute home one night you review your options to let Pete go.

Text Pete “don’t bother coming in tomorrow – you have left me short staffed for the last time.”

Fill out a Separation Form that you downloaded from somewhere and give it to him to sign tomorrow if he comes in to work.

In our experience, employers find themselves in situations like this and face legal and unemployment insurance exposure because they don’t have any documentation, or poorly written documentation, that makes terminations risky.

What if you had one more option...

Call your HR Advisor for guidance. 

Here's how your life changes with Amplified HR:

  • Your managers work with your HR team from the beginning. When it's time to terminate, you have strong documentation to back up your decisions.
  • Soon, you are able to establish a culture of accountability because your managers have an HR resource to turn to 24/7.
  • Your manager will work with an Amplified HR Pro to properly document the termination forms.
  • Your HR Pro will walk your manager through the whole process so they feel confident in how to handle any issue that may arise.
  • If your termination decision is risky, your HR pro will let you know and will provide guidance for seeking legal counsel or working with your EPLI carrier to best protect your company.
  • If you receive an unemployment claim, you'll send it to us and your HR team will assist with protesting, including preparing you for unemployment hearings and escalated appeals.
  • If you receive a legal claim, your HR team will assist you every step of the way to help keep your defense costs as low as possible.

Here's What That Could Look Like for You:

"It was literally the greatest letter [unemployment favorable determination] I have ever received! hahaha!! 


Hopefully we don't have to appear in any more unemployment hearings, BUT if we do, at least I have Amplified HR!! :)


Thanks a million!"

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